LK-D11 12L Autoclave klass B

Autoklav LK-D11 12L

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LK-D11 Dental Autoclave 12L 

Capacity: 12L 
Sterilizing temperature: 121℃, 134℃ 
Special function: Kill the AIDS (HIV), hepatitis B (HBV) mad cow virus and Bacillus
Dry procedure: vacuum drying 
Display: digital LED display with high definition 
Program: Bowie&Dick test, Helix test, Vacuum test 
Sterilizing data: Print by optional external mini-printer
Safety Features: Safe Valve;Double-control lock system and self-test alam system 
Water supply system: Two water tanks inside.capacity of reservoirs(3.5L fresh water and 5 liter waste water reservoirs) 
Voltage: 220V±10% 
Power: 1600W
Instrument containers: 5-layer activity pallet rack with 3 trays 
Chamber size: 230X360mm
NW/GW: 42/45KGS

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